Skyline Communications, Inc has been in business since 1991 providing telecommunications services such as satellite, CCTV / Security, telephone systems, and structured network cabling to the commercial market. The company has worked with accounts such as Ford, Amoco Oil, General Motors, Simon Malls, Mansur Properties and many others providing technology solutions to their tenants. The company is also an authorized Dish network and DirecTV reseller to offer commercial and residential programming to your tenants.By using our services, your company is assured of consistent quality installation practice. For service, a single point of contact would be utilized in the event service is needed or a problem occurs.In commercial properties, the company also provides multiple tenant cable type satellite solutions. In larger buildings, multiple tenants may require satellite television service. We often see 5 or more 18” dish antennas with cabling haphazardly installed over the roof and entering into multiple penetrations. Our solution requires only one antenna with a specialized splitter installed in a common area. Tenants that require a satellite connection would simply plug into the specialized splitter located in a common area in the building. This would eliminate additional holes, equipment, and cable in the owner’s property. It would also provide a much more esthetically pleasing installation and a single point of contact if a failure occurred.Our IP video camera solution allows tenants to view live video of their property via PDA’s and PC’s. Camera’s are installed in area of importance and connected to a digital recorder. Program material is stored on a hard drive and can be viewed locally or remotely. All programming is accessible via the internet for remote viewing. Applications include day care facilities, nursing homes, small business, and construction sites. Cameras can even be installed in remote locations such as well fields, camps and construction sites. Network connection to the internet is performed via our high speed satellite solution, enabling even the most remote locations to be monitored.Our Disaster Recovery Products include cellular telephone backup for business phone systems. A cellular radio is simply interfaced with any phone system and is used as a backup to traditional landlines. In some cases, the cellular connection is used as a primary line, saving the customer time and money. Our satellite internet product provides a temporary T1 connection to the building in the event their T!, DSL or cable modem fails. The transfer is seamless to the customer’s use.

Skyline Communications, Inc also offers structured cabling solutions that include a 20 year manufactures warranty against failure. The company has been certified by specific manufactures to install their products. All cabling can be certified to Cat5e or cat6 specifications and data sheets can be provided upon request.

A list of references for service and systems, is provided.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to call me directly.

George Walters
V.P. Skyline Communications, Inc