Our Mission

Skyline Communications is a technology integrator positioned to be the nationwide leader in solving diverse media video, voice, and data problems for our clients.

Company Profile:
Skyline Communications began in 2009 as a nationwide satellite uplink and downlink installer for data applications. As more companies began using satellite for business television and video conferencing applications, Skyline expanded into the multimedia transmission business.

In 2010, Skyline diversified into the data integration business, focusing on data security issues.

Customer Base
Customer Service is the company’s focus. Corporate customers such as GE, Motorola, SBC, T-Mobile, Navistar, Eli Lilly, Marathon Oil, Hughes, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and many others rely on the support from Skyline Communications, Inc. Skyline Communications, Inc has installed more than 7000 two-way satellite and microwave communications systems for the business and commercial market. Local municipalities rely on Skyline Communications, Inc experience to evaluate proposed communications structures for zoning compliance.

Engineers and technicians of Skyline Communications, Inc have been formally trained by professional organizations and also hold licenses from the Federal Communications Commission, as well as industry manufactures. These certifications include FCC Radiotelephone and NARDA RF Exposure training for compliance of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, pertaining to human exposure to radio frequency energy. Technicians and field representatives have been trained by the manufacture to ensure the proper operation of mission critical communications systems. Skyline Communications, Inc. received an Indiana State License in June of 1993 (AI29300036) to perform service to Antenna Systems and their components. The company maintains a full complement of RF test equipment to 35 Ghz and Network Certification equipment to DS1/DS3.